Welding Helmet
Light and robust welder's must-have
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    Basic Welding Helmet
    The ILHUNG Classic welding helmets protect welders from sparks, spatters, and other hazards and increase productivity. Designed with unique fiber material, it is not only light and strong but also very superior against welding sparks and heat compared to the nylon material.
    In addition, all ILHUNG welding helmets are reliable products manufactured and shipped under thorough quality control.
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    Auto darkening Welding Helmet
    [FLIP-UP 816] Auto darkening welding helmet, FLIP UP 816, was created through a technical partnership with OPTREL, a Swiss company with the best technology in the auto darkening optical filter field. Experience the best quality at an affordable price.

    [IH111FB] Auto darkening welding helmet, IH111FB gives serious welders superior features at an affordable price. With Impact functions and compact size, you can enjoy many must-have features.
    As the lighthouse becomes the indicator of the dark night, it will be a guide to Improve the quality by ensuring the best view to the welder.
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    AR Welding Helmet - WelXar
    Augmented reality device supporting system for welding process to improve the efficiency and quality of welding work. 50FOV 2K class AR glass, real-time welding guide technology, welding quality prediction technology, live measurement of welding process variables, and smart torch technology for directing positions are provided.