Industrial Hose
High-quality textile hose made in Korea by ILHUNG
Textile Spiral Hose
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    Welding Hose
    Hoses carrying fuel gases and oxygen for welding and cutting.
    It is made of high-quality synthetic rubber that can be optimized for the welding environment, and is classified into R and RM types according to flame retardancy. The cover is resistant to abrasion, heat, mild chemicals and ozone.
    There are single and twin types, and various hose specifications are supplied according to gas types such as oxygen, acetylene, and propane.
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    Air Hose
    Used for carrying air in a wide range of industries.
    It has excellent durability and flexibility by applying high-quality synthetic rubber and high-strength synthetic reinforcement.
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    Multipurpose Oil Resistant Hose
    Used for carrying air, mild chemicals, oil, water in a wide range of industries.
    This is electrically nonconductive multipurpose hose with a minimum resistance of one megaohm per inch at 1000volts DC. The multiple plies of textile reinforcement provide flexibility and the cover is resistant to oil and weathering.
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    LP Gas Hose
    Used for carrying LP Gas, Natural Gas, Methane in shipbuilding, construction, civil engineering etc.
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    Electric Insulation Hose
    Used for lines requiring high electrical resistance.
Suction Hose
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    Heat Resistant Suction Hose
    Used for suction and transfer line of high-temperature fine dust such as welding fume. The cover is resistant to oil, weathering, and ozone and has lightweight and superior insulation.
Cable Cover Hose
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    Cable Cover Hose
    Insulated rubber hose protects conductors, control wire, gas hose exposed in assembling single cable termination. The cover is resistant to weathering and ozone and has lightweight, superior insulation and heat-resistant.