Fume Extraction System
The safety and health of welding professionals
should be protected.
  • 썸네일 유튜브
    Fume Torch
    It extracts welding fume directly at the point where it is generated, and the extraction rate is significantly superior to the indirect collector fixed on the ceiling. We offer various solutions, such as Semi-automatic, auto-carriage, and robot types, depending on the work environment Semi-automatic, auto-carriage, and robot types.
  • 썸네일 유튜브
    Fume extractor
    The ILHUNG fume extractors CWM series are the most efficiently used with fume torch, IHF series.
    It extracts welding fume that scatters quickly effectively responds to the clogging phenomenon of welding fume composed of 0.02~10.0㎛ fine dust.